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Community Groups - sessions can be adpated for any age group


Practical Art

These workshop includes paints and artist's boards.

Half a day 150

Whole day 200


Painted Landscapes. Key stages 2-4

Learn to paint like the old masters. Get to grips with perspective, mixing your own palette and produce a landscape master piece in acrylic on special artist's board.


Paint a Portrait. Key stages 2-4

Learn how to conquer faces using proportion and mood in this exciting workshop with acrylic paints on board.


Art Engagement and Art History

Half a day 80

Whole day 120


How to Look at Art - Be an Art Critic. Key stage 4

People are often scared of giving their opinions about art, in case they're wrong! In this fun workshop learn how to look and what to look for, develop skills and confidence so that you can analyse and talk about any piece of art from anywhere or any time!


Art History in Focus. Key Stage 4

These sessions can focus on any period of art, C17th Dutch, the Renaissance, C18th prints, Cubism, you name it and we'll send you a fully qualified art historian to fill you in on the essentials of that period or movement.


Storymaking and Play

90 minute workshops, 60


Storymakers. Key stages 2-3

What makes a good story? Plot, characters, time and place, a captivating thread? Join our storymakers to have a think about it, and work on creating a group story of your very own.


Cooperative Games Workshops. Keystages 1 & 2

Cooperative games teach children to cooperate in other areas of their lives, they reduce bullying and, most importantly, thay are great fun. Our facilitators will come and show you how.



Bespoke Services

If you've got something else in mind that you'd like us to do, just get in touch. We're very flexible and approachable, we can tailor sessions to your wildest dreams, as well the curriculum, flexible working days and exhibitions. Equally, if you want something different but you're not quite sure what, we know the curriculum and we know how kids learn, ask us and we'll see what we can do...






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